Mission Statement

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. 



To provide the DECA experience for every student who seeks it throughout the state of North Dakota.

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Attributes and Values of DECA

Guiding Principles of DECA


North Dakota DECA was chartered in 1953 and was organized around one ambition goal: to improve educational and career opportunities for American students. In the years since its formation, DECA has remained on the cutting edge of educational innovation and has become nationally known for integrating academic achievement with vocational skills and creating linkages with the business community.


Over time, the needs of our membership have changed and we have changed to meet them. The fundamental reasons we formed remain at our core: first, effective marketing education gives young people the tools and aptitudes they need to pursue their dreams, and second, marketing education works best when it's part of an integrated education program.


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