Lead Your Peers

As a member of Collegiate DECA, you have a busy schedule already. You’re just getting started with a path to the best you and your choice of career and that means you’re busy filling up your day with important tasks – but is it enough for the dream job?  As an officer, you’ll gain life experience that will set you apart in the future! 


To be considered for a leadership position, you should have the support of your chapter and Chapter Advisor. 

Successful leaders have been active members and likely served in a leadership role on their campus.  You’ve set and met goals, and you think you have more to give. 

As a ND Collegiate DECA Officer you’ll find these experiences valuable: 

  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Conference Planning
  • Event Management
  • Membership Development
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Member Resource Development 

Along with the above, you’ll grow in your communication and presentation skills as the host of the Collegiate Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference. 

Expections of State Officers: 

Attend Officer Training in the Summer 
Attend Collegiate Leadership Conference – Fargo, ND in October 
Attend State Career Development Conference – Fargo, ND in February 
Attend Monthly Officer Meetings
Assist and Support ND Collegiate DECA Chapters
Represent ND DECA in local and statewide events



The election of the 2020-2021 State Officers for the North Dakota Association of Collegiate DECA will be held at the 2020 Career Development Conference.

The candidates will be presenting speeches at the Opening Session of the conference. 

Election will be during the Annual Business Meeting.

Candidates will be interviewed by a panel. The interview will count 40% of the election. Candidates will campaign to be elected to the State Officer Action Team. Each chapter will be given three votes (one vote per person; three voting delegates). The voting process will count for 60% of the election.

Up to four officers will be elected to serve as state officers for North Dakota Collegiate DECA. The officers will meet in June/July to develop a program of work for the year. Communication with chapter presidents will continue during the year. 

The officers must commit to serving the organization for one year, representing North Dakota Collegiate DECA with the utmost commitment.

President – responsible for leading the state, developing the program of work for the officer team, setting goals for local chapters and communicating with local chapter presidents each month through e-mail or similar communication methods. The president will be responsible for running meetings and conferences and promoting DECA throughout the year.

Vice President – responsible for working with the other officers to develop a program of work and set goals for the year. Responsibilities will be determined once the team has been elected.

1. Only active members will be eligible for state office.
2. A candidate must submit the complete application.
3. A candidate must present a speech to the members during the state conference.
4. No more than two candidates from one chapter may run for office.
5. Must have 2.0 or higher GPA

Those Collegiate DECA members interested in seeking an officer position must submit the following information by January 27, 2020
1. The State Officer Application Form
2. Picture of Candidate (electronic)

1. Each candidate will be interviewed by a panel. Each candidate will be asked a minimum of 3 questions. The interview score will count as 40% of the election.

1. Campaign speeches will be held during the Opening Session of the State Career Development Conference.
2. Campaign speeches will be limited to 2 minutes for each candidate.

ND Collegiate DECA Officer Applications will be available on this page on January 5, 2020.