ND DECA members have the opportunity to attend state, regional, and international career development conferences. Check them out and plan to attend one or more! 

2023 Collegiate DECA Competitive Events Results

Individual Events

Corporate Finance

  1. William Tibert - 

Entrepreneurship Operations

  1. Favour Ozordi - Minot State University
  2.  Tanaya Hopkins - North Dakota State University
  3.  Kody Bissonette - University of North Dakota
  4.  Taley Davis - University of Mary
  5.  Ahmed Jama - NDSCS

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing

  1. Preston Edinger - Mayville State University
  2. Luna Zauhar - NDSU
  3. Jayden Kaehler - NDSCS
  4. Ellie Schmitz - NDSCS
  5.  Liela Koguchi - Minot State University

Financial Accounting

  1. Brendan Skarpness - NDSU
  2. Lauryn Wolfgram - Mayville State University
  3.  Shailyn Pachel - NDSCS
  4.  Jennifer Keller - Valley City State University

Hotel and Lodging

  1.  Adam Weber - UND
  2.  Brooke Roeges - Mayville State University
  3.  Tommy Nikolaisen - Lake Region State College
  4.  Logan Maus - Mayville State University
  5.  Ellie Reierson - Mayville State University

Human Resource Management

  1. Julia Kohls - Mayville State University
  2.  Gina Burtness - Valley City State University
  3.  Godwin Great - Minot State University
  4.  Joanna Gebel - NDSCS
  5.  Jacinda Redday - NDSCS

Managerial Accounting

  1. Cole Dukart - Mayville State University
  2. Brennen Beaudin - Mayville State University
  3.  Jamison Zaun - Mayville State University

Marketing Management

  1. Emily Eback - NDSU
  2. 2 Gavin Brown - Lake Region State College
  3.  Onshu Mizutani - NDSU
  4. Hayden Schuler - NDSCS
  5. Luke Trebil - NDSCS

Restaurant and Food Service Management

  1. Sydnee Steele - University of Mary
  2. Miriam Carignan - Mayville State University
  3. Amanda Linne - NDSCS
  4. Breanna Gange - NDSCS
  5. Kinzley Knutson - Lake Region State College
  6. Cora Johnson - Mayville State University

Retail Management

  1. Taylor Stegman - Mayville State University
  2. Kiara Radke - Valley City State University
  3. Logan Hoff - Mayville State University
  4. Jacob Vaagen - NDSU
  5. McKinley Kartes - Mayville State University

Sales Management Meeting

1. Nick Preston - Mayville State University
2. Megan Roswick - NDSU
3. Alex Kelstrom - NDSCS
4. Kody Keeley - NDSCS
5. Jenna Jarvey - Mayville State University

Team Events

Travel & Tourism

  1. Marcus Hughes - Mayville State University
  2. Colton Anderson - NDSCS
  3. Faith Fredrickson - NDSCS
  4. Samantha Passa - Mayville State University
  5. Sam Preston - Mayville State University


Business Ethics

  1. Tanaya Hopkins / Luna Zauhar - North Dakota State University
  2.  Julia Kohls / Lauryn Wolfgram - Mayville State University
  3. Samantha Passa / Ellie Reierson - Mayville State University

Business-To-Business Marketing

  1. Lauren Joseph / Josilyn Welder - NDSCS
  2.  Shannon Beecroft / Samantha Mckay - Lake Region State College

Event Planning

  1. Brooke Roeges / Taylor Stegman - Mayville State University
  2. McKinley Kartes / Jamison Zaun - Mayville State University
  3. Breanna Gange / Mackenzie Gleason- NDSCS
  4.  Braden Fee / Tommy Nikolaisen - Lake Region State College

Financial Statement Analysis

  1. Parker Jabas / Brendan Skarpness - NDSU
  2.  Cole Dukart / Ben Johnson - Mayville State University
  3.  Kody Bissonette / William Tibert - UND

International Marketing

1 Samuel Grayson / Kaitlynn Thompson - Mayville State University
2 Rachel Lang / Sydnee Steele - University of Mary
3 Liela Koguchi / Cesar Martinez - Chavez Minot State University
4 Alexis Donohue / Jhony Jones - North Dakota State College of Science - Wahpeton

Marketing Communications

  1. Gavin Brown / Kinzley Knutson - Lake Region State College
  2.  Jayden Kaehler / Jade Thom - NDSCS
  3. Alex Kelstrom / Luke Trebil - NDSCS
  4.  Ahmed Jama / Jayce Werner - NDSCS

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

  1. Preston Edinger / Marcus Hughes - Mayville State University
  2.  Nick Preston / Sam Preston - Mayville State University
  3. Brennen Beaudin / Logan Hoff - Mayville State University
  4. Shailyn Pachel / Hayden Schuler - NDSCS

Prepared Events

Advertising Campaign

  1. Shannon Beecroft / Braden Fee / Samantha Mckay - Lake Region State College
  2.  Emily Eback - NDSU
  3.  Josilyn Welder - NDSCS

Business Research

  1. Miriam Carignan / Julia Kohls - Mayville State University

Professional Sales

  1. Logan Maus - Mayville State University
  2. Ronnie Becker - NDSCS
  3. Colton Anderson - NDSCS
  4. Autumn Harland - NDSCS

Get into the larger DECA Community and grow yourself and your career skills at a Conference! 

Conferences are available at the state, regional, and international level. Each conference provides a unique experience and without hesitation can be recommended to attend by members who have gone before. 

ND DECA Conference Overview 

Collegiate State Career Development Conference

February 9-10, 2023 - Fargo, ND

Practice up your skills and put them to the test! See where you rank against your peers in the competition of the year. Held every February this conference is a resume builder and a Champion maker. Looking for a leadership opportunity? Consider serving on the ND DECA Executive Team and be a part of the planning and direction for the year with a team of five Collegiate Members. Elections take place at the CDC and applications are generally due a few weeks before.

This conference is how you qualify to attend the Collegiate International Career Development Conference.


State Career Development Conference 

March 5-7, 2023 - Bismarck, ND

This is the biggest event of the year and it's held every March. Only the best and brightest are there and it's jam-packed from the Opening Session to the Grand Awards.

This is where you get dressed up, show off your hard work from the year, and compete against other members for the top spots and the honor to represent ND DECA at ICDC. Get the scholarship applications, community service hours, and leadership awards submitted because this is where we recognize the Best of ND DECA on stage.

This is also the conference where members elect the next State Officer Team. There are only 7 positions available - will you be filling one of them? Ask your advisor about Becoming a State Officer Candidate today.


Collegiate International Career Development Conference

What do you get when you put 2,000 college DECA members in one area for 4 days?


It’s nothing short of amazing. The competitive spirit is high and career launching opportunities are abundant. This conference brings together members from every Chartered Association and leaders from the business world.

Not planning to attend this conference is a mistake. Start fundraising early so there are no last minute roadblocks after you earn the right to represent ND at the State Conference.


International Career Development Conference 

Anyone up for a small stadium full of all things DECA? Big stages? All the lights and loud music you can handle?

Attending this conference is eyes-wide-open adrenaline for 4 days straight. This is when 15,000+ members take over a city and create a small one of their own. You'll be trading pins while you meet Members from states or oceans away, attending workshops and sessions not available anywhere else, and competing against the best of the best for the DECA Glass.

Your Executive Officers bring you the best of the best in entertainment, keynote speakers, community service activities, and everything DECA Diamond that will keep you talking about it long after you've taken the plane ride home.

Make it a goal to attend this conference!

Make it a goal to score high on your competitive events exam and knock your presentation out of the park to get the THRILL of 15,000 people cheering for your finalist, top ten, top three or Championship accomplishments! You'll want to pull out all the stops to fundraise and qualify for ICDC to represent North Dakota DECA. 


ND DECA Members can take part in these Conferences: 

Registration Deadlines are also included so you can be sure to attend. 


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