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2021-2022 ND DECA Competitive Event Winners

2021-2022 ND DECA Competitive Event Winners

ND Champions! Sharing news, information, and resources to make North Dakota DECA better! Congratulations to the top scorers from the North Dakota Career Development Conference! 150 judges from businesses across the state heard...

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2022-2023 ND Collegiate DECA Competitive Event Winners

2022-2023 ND Collegiate DECA Competitive Event Winners

Collegiate ICDC 2023 Award WinnersNorth Dakota Collegiate DECA 2023 Award WinnersEntrepreneurship Starting a Business1st - Eden Mayer, Jeremiah Wroblewski, Katelyn Trumbauer - University of Mary2nd - Hazem Major - UND3rd - Deidra Flanders - Lake Region State College...

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North Dakota DECA offers scholarships to be presented at the State DECA Career Development Conference in February (Collegiate) and March (High School).

DECA's scholarship program provides over $300,000 in scholarships to high school and college DECA members at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) each year. Many corporate partners of DECA provide scholarships through the DECA scholarship program. DECA Inc. administers the program based on guidelines set by the donor. DECA scholarships are strictly merit based.

All senior high school students are encouraged to complete both the scholarship applications and the Marketing Education Honor Award.

The 2022-2023 DECA scholarship application is open until February 1, 2023.


National DECA Scholarships – Collegiate – Due January 13, 2023

National DECA Scholarships – High School – Due January 13, 2023 

North Dakota Scholarships – High School – Due February 1, 2023

Awards & Recognition

Outstanding New Member of the Year

The members who join DECA and jump in to experience every aspect of DECA and help others do the same receive this honor. Each Chapter's nomination are recognized at the State Leadership Conference and one member, chosen by a panel of judges, receives the award.

Advisors from each ND Chapter are able to nominate an Outstanding New Member.



Competitions and Scholarships for Entrepreneurs

Invensis Learning Amount: $500 Application due date: October 1st
Young entrepreneurs studying at a school in the USA, UK, and Australia can apply for the company’s Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award. MORE INFO

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Amount: $300 - $1,500 Challenge opens: September 15, 2022
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) launches a new set of challenges in the NFTE World Series of Innovation (WSI).
We invite you to think big and submit your ideas to advance the UN Global Goals. The best entries win cash prizes and
anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 is eligible to enter. MORE INFO

WSI Digital Marketing Services Amount: Unspecified Application due date: October 1st
WSI recognizes that many young entrepreneurs are not in the position to make a large franchise investment, so we created
the Young Entrepreneur Start-Up or YES Program, which gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own business
free of the initial overwhelming start-up costs.

Harvard Business School New Venture Competition Amount: prizes totaling $300,000 Application due date: October 1st
Students enrolled at Harvard University’s business school can apply for this annual business school competition.  MORE INFO

MIT $100K Competition Amount: $100,000; individual awards vary Application due date: October 1st
Spread over three different competitions, entrepreneurs at MIT and in the Greater Boston area receive money to start their ventures.  MORE INFO

Purdue University Competition Amount: $2,500 to $30,000 Application due date: October 1st
The Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue provides $100,000 to emerging entrepreneurs each year.  MORE INFO

Tufts University Amount: $100,000; individual amounts vary Application due date: October 1st
The university’s Gordon Institute provides $100,000 each year in venture funding via their business competitions.  MORE INFO


Past Scholarship & Award Winners

Outstanding New Member State Honor Award

1998: Lori Pawlak, Richland County Vocational Center, Wahpeton

1999: Jared Bickler, Minot High School, Minot

2000: Staci Johnson, Fargo South High School, Fargo

2001: Jessica Diaz, North Valley Voc Tech Center, Grafton

2002: Lacy Mau, Minot High School, Minot

2003: Michelle Bailly, Fargo South High School, Fargo

2004: Kyleigh Monson, Bottineau High School

2005: Amy Auginbaugh, Fargo South High School

2006: Danny Weigel, Grand Forks Central High School

2007: Carly Fjeld, Minot High School, Minot

2008: Nick Nelson, Fargo North High School

2009: Nora Mihalick, Minot High School

2010: Courtney Jacobson, Fargo South High School

2011: Brandon Glimsdahl, Grand Forks Central

2012: Jordyn Peterson, Southeast Career and Technology Center, Oakes

2013: Breanna Theademan, Southeast Career and Technology Center, Oakes

2014: Ellen Trotter, Davies High School

2015: Savannah Kramlich, James Valley CTC, Jamestown

2016: Nathan Horner, Davies High School

2017: Carlie Bell, Wahpeton

2018: Claire Wagner, Southeast Career and Technology Center, Oakes

2019: Hayden Rostvet, Northern Cass

2020: Karissa Hammer, Northern Cass

2021: Ella Keith, Bottineau High School

2022: Nick Newsam, Fargo North High School

Taking You Higher Scholarship – Sponsored by Former State Officers

1999-2000 Colin Eide, West Fargo High School

2000-2001 Dan Walsh, Grand Forks Red River High School

2001-2002 Mike Deyle, Bismarck High School

2002-2003 Kate Anderson, Fargo South High School

2003-2004 Randi Vennes, Minot High School

2004-2005 Chelsey Schwartz, Fargo South High School

2005-2006 Kelly Brademeyer, SERCTC Oakes

2006-2007 Celina Poukka, SERCTC Oakes

2007-2008 Kim Zuroff, Bismarck Century

2008-2009 Tosha College, Minot High School

2009-2010 Evan Bong, Fargo South High School

2010-2011 Sierra Murphy, Minot High School

2011-2012 Morgan Thompson, Fargo North High School

2012-2013 Alyssa Moum, Minot High School

2013-2014 Cole Bachmeier, West Fargo

2014-2015: Ryan Bjerke, Fargo North

2015-2016: Christian Wedin, Grand Forks Central

2016-2017: Isabella Hansen, Oakes

2017-2018: Erik Anderson, Fargo North

2018-2019: Jack Boub, Fargo Davies

2019-2020: Ryan Hermes, SRCTC Oakes

2020-2021: Garret Meehl, SRCTC Oakes

2021-2022: Logan Heger, West Fargo 

North Dakota DECA Scholarship—Tribute to Leonard Pokladnik

1999-2000 Jason Burckhard, Minot High School

2000-2001 Jenni Glick, Minot High School

2001-2002 Leif Mattson, Minot High School

2002-2003 Stephanie Sandstrom, Minot High School

2003-2004 Katie Froshour, Grand Forks Central

2004-2005 Leila Nazari, Fargo North High School

2005-2006 Rebecca Sinner, Central Cass High School

2006-2007 Bridget Nagel, Grand Forks Central

2007-2008 Hannah Larson, Minot High School

2008-2009 Brittany Walker, Red River High School

2009-2010 Maria Pitner, Minot High School

2010-2011 Rachel Nelson, Fargo South High School

2011-2012 Nicholas Reitan, West Fargo High School

2012-2013 Abbey Benson, Fargo South High School

2013-2014 Rachel Fix, Bottineau High School

2014-2015: Shelby Gilenski, SE Career and Technology Center, Oakes

2015-2016: Sam Novak, NVCTC Grafton

2016-2017: Brailyn Weber, Davies

2017-2018: Bailey Skjefte, SERCTC Oakes

2018-2019: Ameena Jovanovich, Fargo North

2019-2020: Kennedy Shereck, NVCTC

2020-2021: Charmaine Haas, Napoleon High School

2021-2022: Hannah Ripplinger, Legacy High School

Oswald M. Hager Leadership Award (scholarship to student attending UND)

1980: Kevin Reisenauer

1981: Beverly Heinle

1982: Mark Lindblom

1983: Tammy Johnson Swick, Donna Silbernagel, Scott Shuler

1984: Kelly Kruise, Judy Schneider

1985: Tammie Hagness, Aaron Schultz

1986: Mitch Uslin

1987: Judy Arnason

1988: Colleen Skaaden

1989: Greg Anderson

1990: Sandy LeTexier

1991: Randy Dick, Tammy Staves

1992 Jeremy Berg

1993: Thom Lewis, Cory Koesterman 14

1994: Steven Shirley, Jackie Marquart, Christine Sorensen

1995: Darren Bullinger, Amy Tripp, Sara Steinkopf

1996: Tom Korsmo, Kelly Bullinger

1997: Amy Tripp, Joanna Wahl

1998: Mary Lindgren

1999: Angie Anderson, DeAnn Burckhard

2000: Jared Bickler, Julie Johnston

2001: Jenni Glick, Chad Wolf

2002: Leif Mattson, Brett Bergman

2003: Kate Anderson, Daniel Waind

2004: Marissa Taylor

2005: Brittany Johnston and Emily Metz

2006: Matt Bakke

2007: Kyhlie McLaughlin, Minot

2008: Bryn Seay

2009: Katie Steffan, Grand Forks Central

2010: Ashley Brey

2011: Jade Stanislowski, Red River

2012: None

2013: Mitch Hersch, Mandan

2014: Ashley VanderBush, Fargo South

2015: John Praska, SE CTC, Oakes

2016: Taylor Albrecht, Sheyenne High School

2017: Paige Rudnik, Grafton NVCTC

2018: None

2019: Carly Jordan, Grand Forks Central

2020: Aidan Fire, Grand Forks Central

2021: Brady Meland, Red River High School

2022: None

Applebee’s DECA Scholarship

2005-2006: Jodi Olson, Grand Forks Central ($500)

2006-2007: Rachel Welk, Fargo North ($600)

2007-2008: Ben Berg, Minot High School ($900)

2008-2009: Ashley Delisle, Red River High School ($1,000)

2009-2010: Nick Nelson, Fargo North ($1,000)

2010-2011: Katelyn Larson, Minot High School ($1,000) and Brittany Diederich, Fargo South ($500)

2011-2012: Jenna Coghlan, Valley City High School ($1,000) and Callie Roth, Fargo North ($500)

2012-2013: Hannah Fishbeck, Mandan ($1,000) and Emily Borud, Minot ($500)

2013-2014: Austin Klapperich, Oakes ($1,000) and Addison Long, Fargo North ($500)

2014-2015: Anna Lawley, Fargo South ($1,000) and Lydia Hanna, Fargo South ($500)

2015-2016: Neha Patel, Fargo South ($1,000) and Nathan Glass, Mandan ($500)

2016-2017: Ashley Brandriet, Oakes ($1,000)

2017-2018: Mackenzie Korbel, Fargo South ($1,000) and Elisabeth Ehnert, Sheyenne ($500)

2018-2019: Kolten Reisenauer, Mandan and Jack Dorsher, Fargo North

2019-2020: Isabelle McLean, Fargo Davies ($1,000) and Oliver Dalmi, Grand Forks Central ($1,000)

2020-2021: None Awarded

2021-2022: Linnea Axtman, Fargo Davies and Dawson Beck, Washburn High School

North Dakota DECA Scholarship 

2018-2019: Natlie Buck, Grand Forks Central

2019-2020: Isabelle McLean, Davies and Oliver Dalmi, Grand Forks Central

2020-2021: Clara Hanson, Grand Forks Central

2021-2022: Gretchen Reich-Keller, Fargo South and Abby Richman, Northern Cass

A+ Services and Dakota Impressions Landscaping and Design DECA Scholarship

2017-2018: Erik Anderson, Fargo North and Bailey Skjefte, Oakes ($500 scholarship each)


Oswald M. Hager Award of Excellence

1977: Karen Liere, UND Lake Region

1978: Todd Goschen, Fargo North High School

1979: Bruce Harmon, Fargo South High School

1980: Joel Lilliquist, Minot High School

1981: Ron Davy, Bismarck State College

1982: Les Hanson, Lake Area Vocational Center, Devils Lake

1983: Renee Wonsor, NDSU Bottineau

1984: Terry Schneider, Richland County Vocational Center, Wahpeton

1985: Orris Gulson, Grand Forks Central High School

1986: Steve Anderson, West Fargo High School

1987: Rod Roaldson, James Valley Vocational Center, Jamestown

1988: Kevin Reisenauer, Minot High School

1989: Garry Bullinger, Bottineau High School

1990: Larry Rehn, Bismarck High School

1991: Donna Fricke, Bismarck Century High School

1992: Neil Litton, Central Cass High School, Casselton

1993: Greg Anderson, Southeast Vocational Center, Oakes

1994: Kimberly Clark, North Valley Vocational Center, Grafton

1995: Dayle Dietz, North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton

1996: Keith Ronkowski, Grand Forks Red River High School

1997: Elsie Reichert, Dickinson High School 17

1998: Dr. James Navara, University of North Dakota

1999: Duane Pederson, North Dakota State College of Science

2000: none

2001: Sara Steinkopf, Fargo South High School

2002: Craig Erickson, Fargo North High School

2003: Tim Schilling, Valley City High School

2004: Bruce Harmon, Fargo South High School

2005: Keith Ronkowski, Grand Forks Red River High School

2006: Michelle Boyeff, Minot High School

2007: Steve Anderson, West Fargo High School

2008: Craig Erickson, Fargo North High School

2009: Larry Rehn, Bismarck High School

2010: Amber Aberle, Mandan High School

2011: Jason Holland, Davies High School

2012: Neil Litton, Central Cass High School

2013: None

2014: Leonard Kjelland, SE Region CTC

2015: Troy Olson, Century

2016: Kelli Sitzler-Erickson, Fargo North

2017: Nathan Simpson, Bottineau

2018: Don Fry, Mandan

2019: Randy Wilson, Mandan

2020: Sheila Larson, Valley City

2021: David Bitz, Devils Lake

2022: Brent Polum, Red River High School

NDSCS Scholarship

2017: Carter Kipp, Wahpeton High School

2018: None Awarded

2019: None Awarded

2020: Josie Welder, Wahpeton High School

2021: None Awarded

Lake Region DECA Scholarship – must attend LRSC in Devils Lake

2003-2004: Ashley Miller, Minot High School

2004-2005: Kyle Schneider, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2005-2006: Eric Hove, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2006-2007: Not Awarded

2007-2008: Jordan Mertens, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2008-2009: Melanah Poole, Minot High School

2009-2010: Adam Kitchens, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2010-2011: Austin Luehring, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2012-2013: Brandon Tofte, Lake Area Career and Technology Center, Devils Lake

2013-2022: None Awarded

Minot State University Scholarship – must attend MSU in Minot

2012-2013: Kelsey Humphreys, Minot High School

2013-2014: Jordan Busch, Minot High School

2014-2015: Haddie Lucy, Minot High School

2015-2016: Krista Savage, Stanley High School

2016-2017: Makensey Arlien, Minot High School

2017-2018: None Awarded

2018-2019: Kathleen Gush, Minot

2019-2020: None Awarded

2020-2021: Ashley Holen, Watford City High School

2021-2022: Peyton Andrew, Minot High School