How to Complete the Collegiate DECA Advocacy Campaign

Three Ways to Advocate for Collegiate DECA

Reprinted from January 2018, DECA DIRECT

February is Career & Technical Education Month (CTE Month). Career & Technical Education is an integral part of the nation’s education and economic system.

CTE advocacy can spark many opportunities for both your chapter and your members. So here are a few tips to help you complete the Collegiate DECA Advocacy Campaign, and make a difference.

1. Write an email to the CAB.
As one of the nation’s most prominent Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), DECA Inc. serves as a forerunner for CTE advocacy. With the help of our Congressional Advisory Board, we allow the voices of our members to be heard in congress.

Send an email highlighting the impact DECA has made on your career path, and talk about your chapter’s accomplishments. This small step plays a huge role in advocacy and might lead to exciting career opportunities.

2. Speak at your university/college’s board.
Many public universities and colleges allot time for members of the public to speak at their board meetings. Take an opportunity to speak to your board about your chapter’s accomplishments, while highlighting the impact of DECA for your members.

3. Host a joint community service project with a high school chapter.
The DECA experience allows students to develop a variety of 21st century skills at all stages of their academic career. Civic engagement and community service serve as a tool to developing those skill sets. Reach out to your local high school DECA chapter(s) and plan a community service activity. This not only leaves a positive impression on the community, but allows you to promote Collegiate DECA to high school students.

Don’t forget, there are many opportunities for students of all interests to participate in DECA. Show your DECA pride by participating in Collegiate DECA’s Chapter Campaigns this year. 

Utilize your members’ interests and skills to make a lasting impact, and share it with us by leaving a comment on this page.

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