2020-2021 ND DECA Leadership Team

Meet the Team


As a team, it is our mission to effectively prepare DECA members with materials involving 21st Century Skills in business to guide them to success.

We are excited to serve the members of North Dakota and help create lasting resources to make our chapters stronger at the local level. If we can do anything to help you or your Chapter get more out of your DECA year, please reach out! We want to hear from you. 

Goal 1


  1. Recruitment and Retention
  2. Video Call with all chapters each month
  3. Encourage an increase in membership with students and business professionals
  4. Chapter Campaigns

Goal 2


  1. Create a tool kit showcasing service-learning opportunities for members
  2. Sponsor a Community Service Project at the Fall Leadership Conference
  3. Sponsor a Community Service Project at the State Career Development Conference
  4. Assist chapters with their community service project

Goal 3


  1. A. Connect chapters through social media  B. Encourage, inspire and inform members
  2. Adopt-A-Chapter Program.
  3. Chapter Communications
  4. 5th of Month Communications

Goal 4


  1. Secure sponsors in North Dakota for the year to $17,000
  2. Create Statewide Partnerships with North DECA Alumni
  3. Promote Job Shadowing opportunities to local Chapter Members
  4. Increase business sponsorships for local chapters

Garret Meehl



DECA Bio: 4th Year DECA member at Southeast Region Career and Technology Center in Oakes.

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Garett Elwood

Vice Presidet


DECA Bio: 2nd Year Member of DECA at Minot High School

Favorite Movie: Rocky IV


Karissa Hammer

Vice Presidet


DECA Bio: 2nd Year DECA Member at Northern Cass High School

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Ieree Lundin

Vice Presidet


DECA Bio: 2nd Year DECA Member at Bismarck Century

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman

Jake Hanson

Vice President


DECA Bio: 3rd Year DECA Member at Grand Forks Central High School

Favorite Candy: Skittles

Sophie Thompson

Vice President


DECA Bio: 3rd Year DECA Member at Fargo North High School

Favorite Color: Purple

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