Take the Pledge to Brighten Up the Internet and Help ND DECA

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ATT & DECA Team Up to Combat Cyber Bullying 


ND DECA is looking for 3,000 pledges for the ATT Later Haterz cyber bullying campaign!

Can you take the pledge to brighten up the internet for everyone?

The goal of the effort puts information and resources at the top of the feed to drive a kinder internet. ATT & DECA Chapters all over the world are working to use the infinite magic of connectivity for good and let kindness consume the conversation. 

Anyone can take the pledge and everyone should be mindful of their actions online and offline.

To take the pledge, enter your name, choose DECA in the first dropdown menu, and then help North Dakota DECA get credit for your pledge by choosing North Dakota in the second drop down menu. 

DECA challenged their leaders to a friendly competition to earn the most pledges for their association by the end of January 2020.