ABCs of DECA Leadership

Get back to the basics with these DECA ABCs!

“A” Ask Questions – the answers will surprise you.
“B” Be on Time – You are not the only one with things to do.
“C” Cultivate Creativity – You have it, use it.
“D” Discuss Ideas – They will grow into plans.
“E” Egos are Clumsy – Keep them balanced.
“F” Focus on your Goal – Others will wonder what you are looking at.
“G” Grow with Every Experience – That doesn’t mean your head.
“H” Have Ambition – It makes you stand out in a crown.
“I” Inspiration is rare – Act on every bit of it.
“J” Join with Friends – They’re an important club to be in.
“K” Know your Limits – They are often higher than you thought.
“L” Live Long and Prosper – Life takes laughter, lighten up.
“M” Misery Loves Company – Don’t be a guest.
“N” Never Settle – Always struggle for greatness.
“O” Operate – Life takes precision.
“P” Preserve Your Character – You’ll be unforgettable.
“Q” Quit – Find out what that means, then forget it.
“R” Remember Every Happy Moment – They are precious.
“S” Stress – Use it to your advantage.
“T” Time Management – Make the most of what you have.
“U” Understand Yourself – eventually others will too.
“V” Value is in the Eye of the Viewer – See the world in gold.
“W” Wish the Best for Everyone You Know – They’ll return the favor.
“X” examine the World – The details are amazing.
“Y” Your Life is an Occasion – Rise up to it.
“Z” Zeal – Don’t forget you have to care


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