How to Earn as Many Scholarships as Possible

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Active DECA Members have a leg up on the competition already, so this article is about where to look for scholarships and how to win them. 

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Everyone wants scholarships—after all, they award you money, which you can use to pay for college tuition and textbooks. There are many paths to take when it comes to getting scholarships, but there is also a major difference between applying for scholarships and actually winning them. This article explores some of the different venues that award scholarships and tips that you can use to really stand out from the pack.

Applying for scholarships can seem a bit overwhelming since so many different places award them. Ultimately, though, the number of scholarship resources out there is a good thing, and you should apply for as many as possible. The first place to look is your high school; many high schools have a long list of awards that they dole out, many of which people don’t even know about. Their loss is your gain, so make sure to apply for these opportunities! An advantage of applying through your high school is that the applicant pool is significantly smaller than that for a more publicized scholarship.

Check out the opportunities available to you through your community, as well. Many area businesses offer scholarships that aren’t advertised through the high school. Check with your local bank, grocery store or department store. Some businesses award scholarships to eligible high school employees.

Newspapers are yet another useful resource, as are many nonprofit organizations. The website also offers some good advice on where to look for scholarships. Finally, search the college to which you are applying for both scholarships and fellowships.

After you’ve found some scholarships to apply to, your next step is filling out applications. Most scholarship applications involve writing a short essay or describing a course of action that you’ll take. When it comes to writing the essays, plan out what you want to say before you start writing—don’t take the same approach you use when you’re writing an English paper that’s due the next day! One useful rule of thumb is to pre-write and re-write; this means you should not only outline your essay beforehand but should also write second and third drafts. Have your parents, friends, teammate, etc. read your essay and give feedback. You never know where you’ll pick up some useful advice, so keep an open mind and draw from the wisdom of others.

Receiving scholarships isn’t easy, but by applying for lots of them you put yourself in prime position to win some valuable money. By following these tips you’ll separate yourself from the applicant pool and start pooling money instead!


Author, Anthony Carrancho was a two-time state officer of Massachusetts DECA as well as a state officer for Rhode Island Collegiate DECA. He graduated from Johnson and Wales University in 2011 and has since started his own advertising business, Eagle’s Luck.

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